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A database of indie bands from the mid-2000s

This is the official home of the 00s Indie Band Database, which collects information and statistics on the indie music scene of the mid-2000s. Each row represents a band, and each column represents a variable.

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The database was originally created by Duncan Geere in April and May 2019, and was last updated on 31 May 2019.


Some FAQs:

How comprehensive is this?

It’s a work in progress, but I think it’s pretty good. It definitely covers all of the top-tier and the vast majority of the mid-tier acts in the British and US indie scenes during the 00s. I’ve got a form here that allows anyone to submit additional acts that aren’t currently in the database.

What are the criteria for inclusion?

I’m defining “indie” fairly loosely, as “musicians and bands that the NME got excited about in the 00s”. This means that e.g. The Streets and Amy Winehouse are “indie”, and Coldplay are not, which some might find questionable, but the objective is to document a particular scene. The former examples were definitely part of and influenced that scene, the latter is is not and did not.

You forgot to include my favourite band!

There are two reasons why your favourite band might not be in here. The first is that I might have decided it didn’t quite fit into the scene. Coldplay, for example, are absolutely a mid-00s indie band, but they didn’t really give or take influence from anyone else here. The other reason is that I might have forgotten about them. In either case you should check if they’re already in the 00s indie band database, and add them if they’re not there.

Can I use this data in my project?

Absolutely, yes, as long as you credit “The 00s Indie Band Database” with a link to this page:

I have another question!

Email Duncan at, or log an issue here on Github.