I’ve been writing a regular newsletter since April 2017.

The 00s Indie Band Database

Cataloguing the amazing music of the mid-2000s.

Are There Too Many People?

An article for BBC Wildlife magazine asking whether there are too many people in the world.

In Other Waters

Visualizing the world’s international fishing fleets.

Ten Predictions For 2019

Editing on Nesta’s 2019 predictions.

A Noxious Problem

A series for How We Get To Next about why the world’s air pollution crisis is not improving.

Exponential Climate Action Roadmap

Editing, structure, design and data visualisation for a major scientific report on climate change.

Solar Trains

Illustration and cartography for a report into the potential for solar powered trains.

Block of the Week

A series for the official Minecraft website, covering every block in the game.

Cleaning Up After Dieselgate

Article about Volkswagen’s emissions-cheating scandal.

Confronting Dr Robot

Editing on a Nesta report about the impact of artificial intelligence on healthcare.

Disappearing Languages

Writing, development and data visualisation for a visual essay on the world’s endangered languages.

Fowl Plague

A series for How We Get To Next about the past, present and future of avian influenza.

Lost Rivers: Heat Pumps

Explainer on how heat pumps work for a report exploring the potential to harvest heat energy from London’s hidden underground rivers.

Make Your Own Organ-On-a-Chip

Development of an simulation showing how an organ-on-a-chip works.

Neglected Tropical Diseases

Writing, development and data visualisations for an explainer on neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).

Structure de Quadrilatéres

Animated algorithmic art on

Where Next for Nuclear Energy?

Article about nuclear power in the wake of Chernobyl and Fukushima.

Why We Name The Weather

An article exploring the tradition of naming storms and other extreme weather events.

How to Live Forever

Feature for Techradar on life extension.